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Licensing Info

Alcohol License Info

Businesses selling alcohol within the city limits must first apply for a city liquor license.  All businesses selling alcohol must apply for a state liquor license with the Missouri Division of Liquor Control.  To be in compliance with state statutes, any business possessing a state license to sell liquor must also be granted a county liquor license prior to selling alcohol.  County licenses and fees are based on the license type issued by the Missouri Division of Liquor Control. *Applications for county liquor license(s) are available in the County Clerk's office. Please call

660-747-6161 for more information.


Liquor licenses expire annually on June 30.  Renewal applications must be received by the first Friday of June prior to the June 30  expiration date to ensure a timely issuance of the new license.  Any applicant with outstanding personal or real estate taxes due will be reported to state liquor control for their consideration on issuing state licenses.

Steps to applying for a county liquor license:


  1. Pay county real and personal property tax
  2. Must possess a state liquor license prior to application for county license. If you have applied and have been approved for a state license but have not received your license we can confirm by phone.
  3. Apply by the first Friday of June for county liquor license
  4. Liquor license fee must be collected at time of application
  5. County licenses will be issued upon proof of possession of state license.


Questions regarding state liquor licenses may be directed to Division of Liquor Control at (816) 889-2574.



Auctioneer License Info

In order to obtain an auctioneer license in Johnson County, you must complete an application and pay the appropriate fee.   We offer different length periods from ten days to one year.


The fee for the following periods is as follow:


  • $7.00 (ten days)
  • $12.00 (one month)
  • $22.00 (three month)
  • $32.00 (six months)
  • $52.00 (one year)

The applicant has the option to come into the office and complete the application or have the application mailed to them.  If the completed application is going to be mailed in, a Notary Public must notarize it.  The Notary will require you to sign the application in their presence.  Once the application is completed and received in the Clerk’s Office, it will be given to the County Commissioners for their approval.  After the approval is given the license will be mailed to the applicant.


One can apply in the County Clerk's Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am- 4:30 pm.  If you would like an application mailed to you, contact the County Clerk's Office at (660) 747-6161.


Notary License Info

To become a notary public in the State of Missouri, you must meet certain legal qualifications:


  1.  You must be at least 18 years of age;
  2.   You must be a registered voter of the county within and for which you are commissioned, or a resident alien of   the United States;
  3. You must apply for the county in which you legally reside and be commissioned for this same county;
  4. You must be able to read and write the English language; and
  5. You must not have had a commission revoked during the past ten years.


Upon meeting the above qualification, you will need to submit an application and $25.00 filing fee to the Secretary of State, Commission Division.  Notary handbooks and applications may be picked up at the office of the Johnson County Clerk, Johnson County Courthouse, 300 N. Holden, Warrensburg, MO.  To obtain a handbook by mail send a  check for $3.50 for  shipping to Johnson County Clerk, 300 N. Holden, Warrensburg, MO 64093.


Once you have completed your application and submitted it and the $25.00 fee to the Secretary of State’s office, the application will be processed.  Upon approval from the Secretary of State you will receive a letter notifying you that your commission has been forwarded to the County Clerk’s office.  You will need to obtain a $10,000 notary bond, which can be done through most insurance companies, and present it and a sample of your signature (a driver’s license is sufficient) to the County Clerk.  You will take your notary oath and receive your commission at that time.  There is a $6.00 filing fee with the County Clerk office to process the oath and forward it to the Secretary of State.


If you have any questions please contact the office of the County Clerk at (660) 747-6161


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