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William Brenner

Presiding Commissioner

Scott Sader

Commissioner, Eastern District

Destry Hough

Commissioner, Western District

Gilbert Powers

County Clerk

Johnson County Courthouse, 300 N Holden, Warrensburg, MO 64093

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February 4, 2008



Bids for the purchase of steel piling were opened on this date as advertised. The following bids were received:


Oden Enterprises 6 x 25# x 40 $23,107.50 ($51.35 CWT)

10 x 42# x 40 $43,581.89 ($48.04 CWT)


Viebrock Construction 6 x 25# x 40 $22,585.50 ($50.19 CWT)

10 x 42# x 40 $46,221.84 ($50.95 CWT)



Having reviewed the bids and based upon the recommendation of Gary Bell, Road Supervisor, Commissioner Sader moved and Commissioner Hough seconded to award the bid as follows: the 10 H Piling was awarded to Oden Enterprises at a cost of $43,581.89 and the 6 Piling was awarded to Viebrock Construction at a cost of $22,585.50. The motion passed unanimously.






William Brenner, Presiding Commissioner




Scott Sader, Eastern Commissioner




Destry Hough, Western Commissioner