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Presiding Commissioner

Scott Sader

Commissioner, Eastern District

Destry Hough

Commissioner, Western District

Gilbert Powers

County Clerk

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February 4, 2008


Bids for the purchase of a 30,000 pound trailer for use with the road and bridge department were opened on this date as advertised.  The following bids were received:


            Highway Trailer Sales            HZC30KT                                      $14,250.00


            McLendon Trailers                 15 ton trailer                                 $12,995.00


            Road Builders                          HCZ30KT                                      $15,435.28


            Murphy                                     2008 Felling ModelFT-30-2         $15,026.00


            Rex Spencer                             Towmaster T-30                            $14,863.00

                                                               Towmaster T-40                            $16,301.00


Having reviewed the bids and, upon the recommendation of Gary Bell, Road Supervisor, Commissioner Sader moved and Commissioner Hough seconded to award the bid to Highway Trailer Sales for the HZC30KT at a cost of $14,250.00.  Even though they were not the lowest bid, they offered a heavier-duty trailer with a 22,500# axle over McLendon’s 15,000#. The motion passed unanimously.







William Brenner, Presiding Commissioner                                




Scott Sader, Eastern Commissioner




Destry Hough, Western Commissioner