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Planning and Zoning


Zoning for Johnson County, Missouri


At this time, there are no planning and zoning regulations, building codes, inspections or occupancy certificates in Johnson County, Missouri for the unincorporated areas, unless the property is located in the Whiteman Air Force Base Zoning Area .


Inside Incorporated City Limits City zoning ordinances may apply; contact the respective city hall for more information. (Centerview 660-656-3688, Chilhowee 660-678-3738, Holden 816-732-4811, Kingsville 816-597-0182, Knob Noster 660-563-2595, Leeton 660-653-4622, Warrensburg 660-747-9131)


Flood Plain State and federal regulations apply when building in flood plains. Flood plain maps are available in the Assessor office (660-747-9822). Flood plain permits (available at the Assessor’s Office) are required if you are building in a flood hazard area in the unincorporated areas of Johnson County.


Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Federal, state, and local regulations exist for onsite wastewater systems, which affect various areas of construction including swimming pools, lot size consideration, various setback distances, etc. Contact the Johnson County Community Health Services – Environmental Health (660-747-6121 ext. 258) for more information.


Driveway If construction includes a driveway connecting to a county road, contact the Road and Bridge Department (660-747-6821) for driveway specifications. For construction connecting to a state highway, contact the Missouri Department of Transportation (660-543-7936).


County Right of Way If construction includes working within 30 feet of the center of a county road or trail, visit or contact the Commissioners (660-747-2112) for right of way procedures and application.


For information on waste disposal systems and the Missouri wastewater regulations, please contact the Environmental Public Health Office at Johnson County Community Health Services at 660-747-6121, ext. 258



No Planning and Zoning Regulations signed by The Johnson County Commission.

Click above for a signed document of the NO Planning and Zoning


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